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2018 How Lotteries in School Choice Help to Level the Playing Field
Basteck Christian,
Klaus Bettina,
Kübler Dorothea
school choice, immediate acceptance mechanism, deferred acceptance mechanism, lotteries, experiment, market design
2018Centralized Assignment of Students to Majors:Evidence from the University of Costa Rica
Allan Hernández-ChantoCentralized Assignment, Serial Dictatorship, Preference Estimation, Constrained Choice,
Manipulability, Multi-agent Decision
2018 First-Choice Maximal and First-Choice Stable School Choice Mechanisms
Umut Dur, Timo Mennle, Sven Seuken Matching, school choice, Boston mechanism
2018Top-Ten Way to Integrate High Schools
Fernanda Estevan, Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros, Andrew NewmanMatching, affirmative action, education, college admission, high school integration, Texas Top Ten Percent
2018 An empirical analysis of college admissions with endogenous entrance exam scores
Hayri Alper ArslanCollege admissions contest, College choice, Students' college preferences, Deferred acceptance algorithm, Affirmative action policies
2018 Matchings with Lower Quotas: Algorithms and Complexity
Ashwin Arulselvan, Ágnes Cseh, Martin Groß, David F. Manlove, Jannik MatschteMaximum matching, Many-to-one matching, Project allocation, Inapproximability, Bounded treewidth
2017 Top Trading Cycles, Consistency, and Acyclic Priorities for House Allocation with Existing Tenants
Mehmet Karakaya, Bettina Klaus, Jan Christoph SchlegelConsistency, house allocation, matching, strategy-proofness, top trading
2017 Random Matching under Priorities: Stability and No Envy Concepts
Haris Haziz, Bettina KlausMatching Theory; Stability Concepts; Fairness; Random Matching
2017Matching with Myopic and Farsighted Players
P. Jean-Jacques Herings, Ana Mauleony,
Vincent Vannetelboschz
Marriage problems, stable sets, myopic and farsighted players.
2017Obvious Mistakes in a Strategically Simple College Admissions Environment: Causes and Consequences
Ran I. Shorrer, Sándor SóvágóCollege admissions, dominated strategies, market design, obvious misrepresentation, school choice, strategy-proof
2017How University Admissions Can Help Integrate Secondary Schools
Fernanda Estevan, Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros, Andrew NewmanMatching, affirmative action, education, college admission, high school integration, Texas Top Ten Percent
2017Matching with Partners and Projects
Antonio Nicolò, Aruvana Sen, Sonal YadavMatching, Stability, Strategy-proofness, Two-sided matching, One-sided matching
2017 Costly Concessions: An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfectly Transferable Utility
Alfred Galichon, Scott Duke Kominers, Simon Sorting, Matching, Marriage Market, Intrahousehold Allocation, Imperfectly Transferable Utility
2017A Note on the Estimation of Job Amenities and Labor Productivity
Arnaud Dupuy, Alfred GalichonMatching, Observed transfers, Structural estimation, Value of job amenities, Value of productivity
2017 Taxation in Matching Markets
Arnaud Dupuy, Alfred Galichon, Sonia Jaffe, Scott Duke KominersMatching markets, taxation, labor markets
2017The Stable Roommates Problem with Short Lists
Ágnes Cseh, Robert W. Irving, David F. ManloveStable matching, Bounded length preference lists, Complexity, Approximation algorithm
2017Beyond the Spanish MIR with Consent:
(Hidden) Cooperation and Coordination in Matching
José Alcalde MIR Mechanism, Hidden Cooperation, Coordination
2017Need vs. Merit: The Large Core of College Admissions Markets
Avinatan Hassidim, Assaf Romm, Ran I. ShorrerMatching with contracts, college admissions, core
2017Broadening the market design approach to school choice Estelle Cantillonschool choice, market design, policy
2017An Invitation to Market Design Scott Duke Kominers, Alexander Teytelboym, and Vincent P. CrawfordMatching, auctions, trading, scrip, liquidity, efficiency, equity, allocation rules, marketplaces, market design
2017Manipulability and Tie-Breaking in Constrained School Choice
Benoit Decerf and Martin Van der Linden School choice, Dominant strategy, Undominated strategy, Manipulability, Stability, Tie-breaking, Boston mechanism, Deferred acceptance mechanism
2017A Criterion to Compare Mechanisms When Solutions Are Not Unique, with Applications to Constrained School Choice
Benoit Decerf and Martin Van der LindenMultiple solutions, School choice, Stability, Boston mechanism, Deferred acceptance mechanism, Nash equilibrium, Undominated strategy
2016The Design of Teacher Assignment: Theory and Evidence
Julien Combe, Olivier Tercieux and Camille TerrierTwo-sided matching markets, Teacher Assignment, Fairness, Efficiency
2015The performance of school assignment mechanisms in practice
Monique de Haan, Pieter Gautier, Hessel Oosterbeek, Bas van der KlaauwSchool choice; Boston mechanism, deferred acceptance mechanism, strategic behavior, ex-ante efficiency, ex-post efficiency
2015Self-selection in School Choice: Theory and Evidence from Mexico City High School Match
Li Chen and Juan Sebastián PereyraSchool choice, Incomplete Information, Self-selection, Serial Dictatorship Mechanism,
2015Beyond Truth-Telling: Preference Estimation with Centralized School Choice
Gabrielle Fack, Julien Grenet, and Yinghua HeGale-Shapley Deferred-Acceptance Mechanism, School Choice, Stable
Matching, Student Preferences, Admission Criteria
2015Strategy-Proof Fair School Placement
José Alcalde and Antonio Romero-MedinaSchool Choice Problem, Fair Matching, Strategy-Proofness
2014The Naive versus the Adaptive Boston Mechanism Timo Mennle and Sven SeukenBoston mechanism, School Choice, Strategyproofness, Partial Strategyproofness, Efficiency
2014College Admissions with Entrance Exams: Centralized versus Decentralized Isa E. Hafalir, Rustamdjan Hakimov, Dorothea Kübler and Morimitsu KurinoCollege admissions, Incomplete information, Student welfare, Contests, All-pay auctions, Experiment
2014A new solution for the roommate problem: The Q-stable matchings Péter Biró, Elena Inarra, Elena Molisroomates problem, almost stability, internal stability, stable partition, absorbing set
2014Improving College Access and Success for Low-Income Students: Evidence from a Large Need-Based Grant ProgramGabrielle Fack and Julien GrenetNeed-based grants; College enrollment; Student persistence; Degree completion, Field Data, College admissions, France.
2014Overbooking in matching markets Alex WestkampEnrollment targets, Overbooking, Cutoffs, Market clearing, Stable matchings, School Choice, Boston mechanism.
2014Dynamic allocation of objects to queueing agents Francis Bloch and David CantalaDynamic matching, Queuing, Queuing disciplines, Social housing, Organ transplant
2014Structural Estimation of a Model of School Choices: the Boston vs Its Alternatives Caterina Calsamiglia,
Chao Fu, and
Maia Güell
School Choice, Boston mechanism, Deferred Acceptance mechanism, Field data, Strategic behavior, Strategyproofness, Barcelona, Spain
2014College Diversity and Investment Incentives
Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros and Andrew NewmanMatching, misallocation, nontransferable utility, multidimensional attributes, affirmative action, segregation, education
2014Integer programming methods for special college admissions problems. Péter Biró, Iain McBridecollege admissions, integer programming, stable core limits, quotas, couples
2014The Hospitals / Residents Problem with Couples: Complexity and Integer Programming Models. Péter Biró, David F. Manlove, Iain McBridematching with couples, hospitals residents problem, integer programming, NP-hard
2014Gaming the Boston School Choice Mechanism in Beijing Yinghua HeBoston Mechanism, Gale-Shapley Deferred-Acceptance Mechanism, School Choice, Bayesian Nash Equilibrium, Strategy-Proofness, Moment Inequalities, Beijing, China.
2014Driven by priorities manipulations under the Boston mechanism David Cantala and Juan Sebastián PereyraTwo-sided many-to-one matchings, school choice, Boston mechanism
2013Mixité sociale : le rôle des procédures d’inscription scolaire (Social diversity: the role of school choice procedure)Estelle Cantillondiversity, school choice, priorities, Belgium, Flanders, quotas
2013Preference Signaling in Matching Markets Peter Coles, Alexey Kushnir and Muriel NiederleSignaling, Cheap talk, Market design, Labor markets
2013Harmful Signaling in Matching Markets Alexey Kushnir Signaling, Cheap talk, Labor markets
2013All About Priorities? Less School Choice with bad SchoolsCaterina Calsamiglia and Antonio MirallesSchool choice, Boston mechanism, Deferred Acceptance mechanism, Priorities, Strategic behaviour, Strategyproofness
2013Matching couples with Scarf’s algorithm Péter Biró, Tamás Fleiner, Rob IrvingScarf lemma, stable allocation, hospitals residents problem, matching with couples